"do animals have less fear because they live without words"

Elias Canetti: The Human Province (1973)
Mikko Kuorinki

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Jana Jantzen
Untitled 1 (Silence and floating bed)
Graphite, charcoal and pen on paper

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This could be my arm tbh

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Mount Egmont by Erik Streufert

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Richard Alpert

'Gyro', (Performance), 1981.

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i wanna die in space on the moon not on earth tbh


Adam Patterson, The Weak Sex, 2014, from the “Shame” series. 

The faces of gay porn actors, as portrayed through digital video on a computer screen, were photographed at the point of orgasm, highlighting the single moment of masculine vulnerability in the erotically fictitious media of pornography.

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Caio Fonseca
Tenth Street #13
acrylic on canvas
72 x 49¾ in. (183 x 126.4 cm.)
Painted in 1992-1993.

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